A effective general-purpose compound with remarkable benefits to nearly every facet of health.

Royal Honey is named after Royal Jelly, which is the carefully collected nutrient used to nurture tiny bees into adulthood. When a new queen bee must be chosen, the worker bees choose a small larvae to feed copious amounts of Royal Jelly. In a matter of days (1500x the rate for a drone), the drone grows into a powerful queen bee. Applied to the human biological system, the beneficial effects are astounding. Royal Honey is a cream compound which strengthens the respiratory sytem, increases concentration, relieves symptoms of depression, improves memory, and heightens natural focus. Truly, it is nature's bounty.


Royal Honey has a powerful beneficial effect on the whole body! A protein-rich cocktail containing a significant amount of amino acids, over 110 minerals (including Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc), vitamins, and a balance of essential fatty acids and carbohydrates, it promotes a healthy immune system and a healthy metabolism, as well as having numerous positive effects on the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Administering Royal Honey normalizes an individuals psychoemotional sphere. It is recommended to use in case of acute nervous excitement, for symptoms caused by depressive disorders, for high stress loads, and to increase cognitive performance.

Regulates blood pressure, which has immunostabilizing, anti-inflamatory, and anti-sclerotic effects. Beneficial effects on blood pressure have been shown to help with hypertension and hypotension. Especially helpful when applied during the recovery period after an operation. Helps to reduce the damaging background effects of household appliances such as cell phones, computers, and microwave ovens.

Strengthens the immune system, and is especially against infectious oral diseases. By improving the ability of your skin to naturally breathe, it assists with recovery, helping with quality and volume during breastfeeding. Ideal for those with children.

Contains uterine milk, which stimulates regeneration and has a high nutritional capacity. Applying Royal Honey smoothes rinkles, repairs damaged skin, and nourishes and moisturizes, rejuvinating exhausted skin tissue.



A unique natural component, Royal Honey has no analogue in all of nature. Suited for all ages, it contains a non-synthetic multivitamin complex with a complete set of essential trace elements. Helps to alleviate issues with proper metabolization of nutrients, relieve anxiety, and improves the functional of all systems of the body by increasing the general health of internal organs.

Contains galactose, a member of the lactose family, one of the 8 essential carbohydrates in the human body. Where sufficient carbohydrates, including lactose, are present the body does not break down proteins, but instead uses them to build muscle tissue. Its presence here promotes a healthy immune system, acts to preserve muscle mass in the body and prevent fat growth, and is used by the body as fuel. It gives saliva a characteristic and pleasant viscocity, and has positive effects on the intestinal mocroflora by activating the reproduction of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, critical for proper bidly function. Galactose is also a wonderful prophylaxis of dysbiosis.

Galactose is broken down in the large intestine to form lactic acid, which suppresses the growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria. It promotes the absorption of Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium, indirectly reducing the risk of developing anemia and rickets. Strengthens the effects of Vitamin C (Ascrobic Acid) and B-Complex Vitamins. It has positive affects on the development of the central nervous system in children, specifically assisting in the intellectual development of children into adulthood. The gylcemic index of lactose is less than half of that of glucose, which assists patients who suffer from diabetes mellitus.



Weight: 245 g
Ingredients: Natural honey, Royal Jelly bee extract.




Take one spoonful twice daily 30 minutes before meals. Keep in mouth until completely dissolved. Continue administration for twenty-five days, and afterwards break for two weeks. Repeat. Dosage for children under fourteen years of age should be calculated individually.



Face Mask "Korolevskaya":
Add 2 teaspoons of Royal Honey to one egg yolk in a small bowl. Mix thoroughly, then soak a clean cloth in the compound. Apply to face, neck, or décolleté area (use "Water Propolis Extract" to cleanse the face before application).


Keep face mask for 15-20 minutes, then remove and rinse with warm water.


After usage, apply Apibalam ""Antibacterial and Soothing"".


Repeat twice a week until desired results are obtained.

Royal Jelly