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A high tech, natural phytosorbent product rich in vitamins C and R.



Contains Vitapectin, a unique natural composition of antioxidants quartz and ascorbic acid, extracted from fruit pectin. Antioxidants are natural substances that can slow down oxidation, thereby preventing the development of malignant tumors.


Contains quartzitin (an analogue of vitamin P), sourced from the Japanese Sophora Flower. As a component of Medovit, it enhances the immune system and protects the body from harmful external influences, improving the metabolism and promoting the removal of cholesterol. It is a selective action natural sorbent.


Medovit helps the liver to neutralize toxins and remove heavy metals, acting as an anti-aging agent and increasing the liver effectiveness. In clinical trials at the Kiev Medical Academy, Vitapectin was shown to have positive action on intenstinal dysbiosis with children aged 6 to 15 years old. Also promotes the supply and stabilization, which is especially essential to those who are at risk of exposure to influenza.


This honey compound strengthens capillary walls of the capillaries, improving cerebral circulation and preventing myocardial infractions. A strong antitoxidant.


A pronounced cancer prevention agent. Enhances physical and mental effectiveness. Improves the action of hematopoietic organs. Can be used from early childhood, from the onset of breastfeeding in infants by microdosing. This API-phytocomposition was clinically tested at the Institute of Clinical Radiology, at the Kiev Pediatric Gastroenterology Center, in the Clinic of the Institute of Gerontology of the AMSU.





Weight: 245 g

Ingredients: Natural honey, vitapectin.






Twice daily and 30 minutes before meals gently apply one spoon onto tongue and wait until completely dissolved.  Repeat once every three months. In exceptional cases it may be necessary to continue treatment for up to six (!) consecutive months.


Mix with warm water for a delicious fruity drink!

Medovit Honey

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