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An effective general-purpose compound with remarkable benefits to nearly every facet of health.



Otherwise identical to (liquid) Royal Honey, Adsorbed Dehydrated Royal Honey is preserved with food grade lactose sorbent, giving it unique properties and substance.



The key ingredient in Royal Honey, Royal Jelly is the secret composition of bee growth. It is rich in nutrients and vitamins, including all of the amino acids, with more than 100 various mineral compounds. It contains essential nutriens such as Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, Gold, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Silicon, and Calcium. 

An interesting fact is that Royal Jelly is naturally sterile, meaning that harmful bacteria cannot grow in it. It raises vitality and acts as an anti-aging agent, it restores stamina after serious operations, and combats chronic fatigue from seasonal and environmental exposure by normalizing the metabolism. It regulates the endocrine system and the nervous system, helping to treat symptoms of depression and remove stress, to combat neurosis and vegetative-vascular dystonia. 



It can be used to stabilize the menstrual cycle, and to remove unpleasant symptoms of climacteric syndrome. Adsorbed Dehydrated Royal Jelly promotes helthy childhood development and improves appetite. It helps with problems from aging, improves memory, and increases healthy vision. Strengthens nails, adds a lustre to hair, and promotes skin health. Enhances health all-around.



A powerful antioxidant, it contributes to stabilizing high cholesterol level and reducing high blood pressure. It has a hematopoietic function, reducing and even eliminating vascular spasms. Most pronounced is its ability to limit the harmful effects of stress, and prevent damage from toxic substances on the body which can damage the immune system. Normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys, and the liver. Improves the respiratory system and the general effectiveness of the lungs. 


Helps to alleviate issues with proper metabolization of nutrients. Used to treat Physiological Jaundice in children by cleaning toxins from the liver. 


Contains Bjzoline Milk, which contains all essential enzyme groups. Contains all essential, saturdated, unsaturated, fatty, non-greasy free amino acids, including 10HDA-10-hydroxy-2-dececene which in nature is only contained in Bjzoline Milk. These enzymes act on the circulatory system to promote blood circulation, increase imunity, purify and strengthen the blood vessels, reduce high cholesterol, lower sugar levels, break down fats, and effectively normalize weight. They promote the respiration of the skin, releiving built-up pressure that leads to surface bloating.  Cuntains Sulfhydrilic groups (organic compounds) which remove  remove toxins, poisons, heavy metals, unhealthy synthethic growth hormones from non-organic and GMO products. Acts as an anti-aging agent through its mitigation of damage from natural radiation, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and food and environmental poisoning.



Contains natural hormone-like compounds (NOT hormones!) - testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, which act to normalize and stabilize hormonal balance. This triggers tissue regeneration (rejuvenation), insulin production, and the natural production of complimentary hormones responsible for numerous functions including metabolism. Has a health restoring effect on the endocrine and  hormonal systems, on the metabolism, and on the immune system. Promotes healthy natural sleep and contributes to healthy physical and mental performance.



Ingredients: Royal Jelly, Lactose.


Twice a day 30 minutes before meals, place one unit underneath the tongue and allow to absorb through the skin. If necessary, compliment with a small amount of water. Repeat every day for 25 days. For long-term use, it is recommended to repeat the daily regiment for twenty days, with ten day breaks in between. 


If you are recovering from the effects of childbirth, a serious illness, or a complicated surgery, this compound will help you recover your strength in a matter of days.


Acute adrenal disease, Addison's disease, or a contraindication to the individual components.

Royal Jelly Sticks

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