A natural soap created by adding essential oils while hot.


Orange Jazz Soap moisturizes, tones, and tightens the skin. It creates a positive moods. Good for kids: lemon oil cheers up and gives a boost to mood.


It has a unique antiseptic remedy, detoxifying and bleaching: perfectly softens, whitens and rejuvenates the delicate skin on the face.


Acts as a healing agent. Is effective at healing fractured skin, and reduces nail fragility. The Orange Oil lowers overall tension and raises mood, leading the skin to naturally relax, become more elastic, in addition to improving skin complexion. The Bergamot Oil promotes relaxing and lifts stress, helping to lift the mood.


Has anti-inflammatory effects, normalizing the secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands in oily and mixed skin by narrowing pores.


Mix with a light amount of water, apply to damp skin,then rinse thoroughly with water.


If necessary, repeat.

Orange Jazz Soap