A unique honey complex that enhances the immune system and strengthens the body.


Ingrediants in Apimod contribute to increasing the immune system and normalizing bodily functions. Recommended as a critical component in daily dietary supplement due to providing valuable biologically active substances. Has immunostimulating, anti-inflamatory and bactericidal properties.


According to testimonials, daily application results in a significant improvement in general heatlh, stabilizing blood pressure and removing headache. An indispensible product for those whose health is affected by variations in the weather.

Apimod refreshes and revitalizes your body and health, and has anti-aging effects which normalize your metabolism and prevent premature aging. It contains Echinacea extract, but in this composition - unlike in others - it does not break down into harmful hyaluronic acid. Has health-promoting effects for those suffering from vegetative-vascular dystonia, neuroses, and atherosclerosis.


This honey blend helps reduce inflammation, assist with stomach ulcers, gynecological problems, and improves biliary processes.




Ingredients: Natural honey, royal jelly bee, flower pollen (bee apple), saturated extract of Echinacea purpura.






Twice daily and 30 minutes before meals gently apply one spoon onto tongue and wait until completely dissolved. Repeat once every three months. In exceptional cases it may be necessary to continue treatment for up to three consecutive months.


Mix with warm water for a delicious fruity drink!

Apimod Honey