1. The consumption of sufficient quantities of water by humans is one of the most
"Propolis aqueous extract helps purify cell membranes and normalize the respiration of cells

2. Protecting the body ionizing radiation of ultraviolet radiation, toxic substances, various infections, excessive loads result in damage to cell membranes and the occurrence of malfunctions in the immune system. Protecting cell membranes from damage will help spirulina, which is part of the "Green Honey" - a powerful complex of antioxidant vitamins in combination with honey. This honey mixture removes heavy metals from the body, toxins of radionuclides, increases the body's mental and physical activity, immunity, with slows aging processes. Spirulina is the only living organism that has lived on Earth without changes for hundreds of millions of years precisely because of its unique biochemical composition. According to the World Health Organization, it protects at least 70% of diseases

Accept "Green Honey" on a 1-gauge spoon 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating, dissolving. All products except capsules must necessarily be dissolved in the mouth until completely dissolved without water washing. At the time of resorption, they are treated with enzymes, we obtain more nutritious substances, and with the flow of blood, they are immediately sent for their intended purpose.

3. To come (Pollen, Dry milk) vitamizing and feeding the body

Three steps to stay healthy

1. Stay hydrated

2. Protect your body from bacteria, viruses and eco-pollution

3. Take vitamins daily